Tips for Outdoor Teambuilding This Winter

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teambuildingWhether you are bringing the team together for a meeting, teambuilding excursion, or simply taking a moment to unwind ahead of kicking off a new chapter, here are a few tips for a successful winter event.

I am always impressed when people try something new for teambuilding, but I always remind them to stay within their comfort zones. For example, if you are a skier, but not an avid one, stick to the green slopes versus opting for a more challenging run. Or, planners can hire ski professionals to lead guided excursions for each experience level, or offer other activities, such as snowshoeing, sledding, cross country skiing, ice skating or broomball.

Work with the resort and destination to create fun teambuilding opportunities that showcase the snowy setting. For example, I’ve seen everything from snowman-building contests to large-scale snowball fights to skating sessions.

Be aware of the elements and conditions. Make sure that everyone has the proper gear and packs accordingly, including warm clothing such as wool sweaters, base layers, an insulated jacket, ski pants, boots, and a hat, scarf and gloves.

I also advise skiers and snowboarders to be mindful of proper hydration and nutrition. Many people can have an adverse reaction to higher elevation destinations, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any symptoms of high-altitude sickness.

Consider as an amenity “mountain preparedness amenity kits” with items such as sunscreen, canned oxygen and energy bars that will help ensure a successful winter day outdoors.
Reed Phinisey is the recreation manager at Everline Resort & Spa.
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