EIC Releases Risk Management Guide

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New EIC Risk Management Guidebook

The Events Industry Council (EIC) has published a comprehensive Risk Management Guidebook to help event professionals incorporate risk management processes into their planning.

The EIC guidebook has been adapted from a chapter in the Events Industry Council Manual, 9th edition, which is a resource for professionals who plan and execute events.

“As a global federation, we are committed to providing event professionals with the resources they need to operate at their highest level,” said EIC CEO Amy Calvert, in a press release statement. “The Risk Management Guidebook will help event professionals to incorporate risk management processes throughout their event planning and delivery cycle for the benefit of organizers, partners and attendees themselves.”

The material in the guidebook was originally developed by Tyra Warner, PhD, JD, CMP, an expert in crisis management in the hospitality sector. It covers the full spectrum of risk management as applied to the events industry, including assessment of risks that may threaten attendees, the meeting or event itself, the organizer, or partner-suppliers, and applying the appropriate measures to manage the probability and consequences of such risks.

“Risk management is an essential skill for event professionals and is prioritized in our Certified Meeting Professional International Standards. The guidance provided in this new resource will help event professionals to identify and analyze risks that could affect their events and make informed choices in the management and mitigation of those risks,” said Calvert. “This guidebook provides a framework for event risk analysis and management that we hope will better prepare our global community of event professionals to produce safer, healthier and more effective event environments.”

The guidebook is available on EIC’s website here and a webinar previewing the guidebook can be viewed here.

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