Why Choose San Jose for Your Next Event?

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For more information, visit sanjose.org/meetsanjose.org/meet.

San Jose sits at the crossroad of its storied past and bright future. Filled with excitement and propelled by progress, this city by the bay has much to offer your attendees’ next meeting or event. An ample 2500 hotel rooms, a safe walkable downtown and plenty of public transportation options mean you can plan an unforgettable experience for your guests. And, our supportive team is here to help you accomplish your goals with ease.

We are ready to help you plan an exceptional meeting and customize off-site activities for the whole group. Comprehensive planning guides and toolkits save you time and make organization easy. Visit San Jose will help you with all the logistical details, including catering, service documents, tech services, event advertising and more. We put all the information at your fingertips because, once your guests arrive, we know they’ll want to dive straight into all the excitement San Jose has to offer.

Your attendees will find plenty to do outside of meetings — especially at night. San Jose lights up the night with local live music, thumping clubs, laid-back lounges and trendy cocktail bars. Guests can sip rare whiskey in a speakeasy or dance the night away at a lively nightclub. San Jose locals love to share their culture and hospitality with visitors, delivering an exceptional experience no matter the venue.

And that warmth and enthusiasm extend to our sports teams and their fans — ready to welcome new faces into the crowd and share their love of the game. With plenty of pro teams, the sports lovers in your group will be able to attend a game or catch one at a bar with ease. Or you can deliver a totally unique experience at a new-to-them sporting event, like roller derby.

We know that your guests’ experience doesn’t end with the meeting. After hours, they will continue to make unparalleled discoveries. With San Jose’s global cuisine, diverse culture, natural wonders and passion for local arts, there is truly something for everyone to explore.

For more information, visit sanjose.org/meet.

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