4 Healthy Food Swaps

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Healthy Food Swaps
Jackfruit is one of the most popular healthy food swaps in 2020.

Melissa Johnson, vice president of Cameron Mitchell Premiere Events based in Columbus, Ohio, offers 4 healthy food swaps for the protein, meat, dairy, and alcohol portion of your F&B offerings.

Healthy Food Swaps for Meat

Jackfruit, one of the suggested healthy food swaps, is an exotic fruit grown in tropical regions on the jackfruit tree which is very hearty and easy to grow, making it a good alternative for the planet. It has a stringy consistency making it a popular plant-based substitute for shredded chicken and beef or pulled pork. It is also full of nutrients and fiber. “We will see it on menus as Jackfruit BBQ, jackfruit cake (think crab cake, but not), rice bowl topping, jackfruit ‘non’ meatballs and much more,” explains Johnson.

Healthy Food Swaps for Dairy

Oat Milk is a dairy-free alternative and one the recommended healthy food swaps that will soar in popularity in 2020, reports Johnson. “It is rich in essential vitamins and fiber and is a plant based tasty ingredient on coffee bars, ice creams, and savory dishes to add creamy texture,” she says.

Healthy Food Swaps for Protein

Pea, mung beans, hempseed, beets, chickpeas and avocado are some of these top healthy swaps to add protein. These ingredients are gaining in popularity and are helping to avoid items that are more commonly an allergen like cashews and soy.

Healthy Food Swaps for Cocktails

Ingredients such as bee pollen, teas, hibiscus and matcha will be found mixed in creative drinks at the trendiest events as healthy food swaps, predicts Johnson.

Johnson manages 75 full-time and 200 part-time team members, generating more than $15 million in revenue for the Cameron Mitchell Restaurant group, one of the largest and most successful independent restaurant groups in the country best-known for its nationally acclaimed Ocean Prime restaurants.

For more information and additional tips, Cameron Mitchell Premiere Events can be accessed here,  https://cameronmitchellpremierevents.com

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