4 Myths About Sailing Charters

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sailing chartersDream Yacht Worldwide addresses top misconceptions or concerns they hear often when groups consider booking sailing charters.

Dream Yacht Worldwide, one of the world’s leading ocean tourism companies, is on a mission to make sailing and sea travel accessible to all around the globe—and to clear up a few misconceptions about sailing charters.

Among them:

Sailing is difficult and for experienced sailors only

This is a common misconception but is far from being accurate. If you can enter a boat, you can sail. Sea trips are for everyone, no experience is necessary when you book a skippered charter, which allows groups to enjoy the quality time, team bonding and conversation.

Quarters are tight

Groups are typically relieved to know that Dream Yacht Worldwide offers spacious catamarans that fit up to 12 to 14 people comfortably. Many catamarans have cabins that have their own private bathroom as well.

It’s all about the sea

The sea is the medium, you can actually visit many places and discover areas on land that you cannot access without travel by water. Chartering is an excellent way to discover lesser-known areas. There is something for every type of group in destinations across the globe.

Charter trips are boring

Charter trips can be as exciting and as full of adventure as a group prefers. It is a unique experience and it requires a certain adventurer mindset. There are many water sports and team-building activities that groups can participate in, plus plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind on board. It allows employees to see the world from a different perspective and try something new as a team.

Dream Yacht operates in 52 destinations worldwide, with a fleet of more than 900 monohulls and catamarans.

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