Wellness Tips for Road Warriors

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wellness tips

Wellness has taken on a new level of importance as all of us want to stay healthy, especially when traveling. Dr. Mary Warren of Road Warrior Wellness™ and Vital Force Wellness shares her best wellness tips for meeting planners when they hit the road once again.

Here are 20 wellness tips to help meeting planner road warriors stay healthy:

  1. Strive to drink half your body weight in ounces each day, even more if you talk a lot for a living – we don’t see the moisture we throw off in our breath.
  2. Pack/carry your own stainless steel or plastic bottle, making it easier to refill and keep up with how many ounces you’ve had.
  3. Drink water and green tea throughout the day.
  4. Minimize coffee, as it’s a natural diuretic and will be dehydrating.
  5. When flying, eat simply and stick to bland food and snack choices, salads and open-face sandwiches.
  6. Eat vegetables and clean animal protein-based meals and salads.
  7. Minimize alcohol, salty foods, simple carbs, sweets and treats.
  8. Avoid bread/pasta/white potatoes; milk/cheese (unsweetened plain yoghurt is fine); table salt (carry your own sea salt); sugar, sweets and treats (pack your own 85% dark chocolate); and artificial sweeteners (take your own Stevia).
  9. Wear loose, comfortable clothes and shoes that will allow for some swelling when you fly.
  10. Pack/wear thinner socks that will give you a little extra room in your shoes if needed.
  11. Travel with a pair of loose-fitting shoes to accommodate cabin pressure related swelling.
  12. Untie shoes and/or loosen shoes as soon as the forward door closes.
  13. Avoid tightly fitting clothes and belts or belted apparel.
  14. Be consistent and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.
  15. Have a protein snack before bedtime like a small number of raw nuts to help blood sugar balance.
  16. Consider taking your pillow with you when driving as we generally sleep better on our own pillow. Investigate travel pillows/camping gear type pillows that can be compressed for suitcase packing.
  17. Try listening to a relaxing audio before sleep or putting nature sounds into a sleep sounds or white noise machine. I’m not a big fan of sleeping with ear buds, as I prefer to reduce the amount of EMF’s we’re exposed to, especially in hotels.
  18. Do something every day: walk, stretch, yoga, treadmill, exercise in your hotel room or hotel gym.
  19. When flying, try to get up, walk around and stretch every 2 hours.
  20. Don’t cross your legs or ankles while seated—this adds additional stress to your circulatory system.For more tips and to view our webinar with Dr. Mary Warren, click here.


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