4 Quick and Easy Ways to Use AI

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Like all new technologies, AI can be a little daunting to dip into at first. Here are four quick ways meeting and event professionals can use artificial intelligence to make their jobs easier.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere now — but many meeting and event professionals are still a little unclear on exactly how they can use it in their everyday work. But they also know that it’s important to figure it out, and quickly. As Professor Richard Baldwin at the Geneva Graduate Institute in Switzerland famously said, “AI won’t take your job. It is somebody using AI that will take your job.”

Fortunately, there is no shortage of education available — you can’t attend an industry event without seeing a multitude of sessions on the topic, and industry associations are busy lining up certificate programs as well.

The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) launched an Enhancing Events with AI five-week certificate course last summer. The course, led by instructor and strategy consultant Nick Borelli, will run five times in 2024. Not to be outdone, Meeting Professionals International (MPI), in collaboration with Reposite, launched its own AI-Enhanced Event Professional Certificate program in January. The four-hour, six-module course is being offered with four start dates in 2024. It also is being offered in conjunction with some in-person events, most recently at Go West 24 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Paul Klopfer, VP of Sales with Reposite

Prevue asked Paul Klopfer, VP of Sales with Reposite and one of the instructors of the MPI course (the other is his colleague and Reposite’s Co-Founder Alexa Berube), for some quick and easy use cases event planners can use to start using AI in different aspects of their work.

Here are a few he suggested: 

Contract Comprehension and Understanding

Ask AI to summarize the most important points of a contract. Or you could ask it to summarize the contract and then give you three clauses that are more advantageous to the person who wrote the contract — then tell you how you can negotiate these clauses.

Destination Selection

Ask Ai to compare certain times of year to identify when cities are more populated due to events going on. Then take it a step further and ask for average prices for the most popular hotel and attractions around the city to ballpark cost comparisons amongst destinations.

Craft Event Invitations or Forms

If you have certain specifics around an event solidified like the date and time, theme, purpose, types of attendees and event type, ask AI to develop examples of email, text and social invitations to use.

How are you using AI in your work? Share your stories with [email protected].

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