Independent Planners: How Do You Charge? Take Our Survey

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Please take a minute to participate in this exclusive Prevue survey of independent planners.

How Do You Charge for Your Services in a COVID-19 Environment?

The Delta surge, corporate travel restrictions and a host of other factors are causing meetings and events to be rescheduled, flipped to virtual/hybrid, or outright cancelled. This can leave third-parties in the lurch, especially those who rely on hotel commissions.


How are independent planners/sourcing companies/third-party meeting planners/DMCs staying afloat, especially since no commissions are earned from hotels when programs are cancelled? Are clients willing to pay for the preparation of services even though they did not receive them?

This 5-question survey is intended to find out. All responses are anonymous.

Share the survey link with your friends and colleagues! We will include the results in an online article, as well as an upcoming issue of the magazine.



Thank you!

Prevue’s Editors

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