New MPI Credential for Emerging Event Professionals

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Emerging Meeting Professional credential
Meeting Professionals International just announced 5 new meeting industry certification- and credential-related programs, including a new credential for emerging event professionals with less than three years of related experience.

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) just announced a slew of new industry-related credential programs and services — including the Emerging Meeting Professional (EMP) designation. Open to both college students and established professionals who recently jumped onto the professional meeting and event planner wagon, the EMP requires applicants with less than three years of experience in the business to complete three sections.

The first EMP section, an introductory assessment, entails using a self-evaluation tool to assess strengths in three competencies: self-mastery, teamwork and problem-solving. To complete the second section, applicants can access learning methods and/or modes of engagement, as well as other resources and job aides, to help them fully understand each of the competencies. Section 3 involves taking the final exam, which includes situational/short-answer and multiple-choice questions, as well as a video summarizing what they learned. Applicants who complete the first two sections and score at least 90 out of 100 on the exam will earn the EMP designation.

More MPI Credential-Related Announcements

MPI also is debuting the MPI Academy’s digital badging and credentialing platform. Powered by Badgr, the platform offers stackable learning pathways and shareable learner records. The credential platform is designed to make it easy for MPI Academy course attendees to earn and share digital badges that recognize achievements to their online portfolio, resume, LinkedIn Profile and social media. They also can store digital badges earned outside of the MPI Academy on the platform to make it easier to keep track of all their credentials. As of now, the MPI Academy offers digital badges for healthcare meeting compliance, CMP Academy, meeting fundamentals

Nancy Snowden, Lead Manager of Educational Experiences, says, “Digital badging is a way for us to communicate value to course attendees by providing visual recognition and verification of the skills and tools they have acquired by taking one of our courses and allows them to better articulate the value proposition of these educational opportunities to critical stakeholders and peers. We are so excited to be able to provide this service for attendees who purchase a course starting in June 2022.”

MPI Academy also has launched a new study skills program designed to help those looking to earn their Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation prepare for the exam. The differentiator, MPI says, is that the CMP Academy study skills program isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience, but rather enables learners to figure out where their learning gaps are and, with the guidance of an expert educator, apply proven learning tactics and methods in the exam prep work so they can earn their CMP credential.

Nick Estrada, CAE, CMP, the instructor for the new CMP Academy course, says, “This exam is about proficiency, not perfection. I want to help learners figure out how they can implement study skills and tactics that not only resonate with their learning style, but also take the pressure of perfection off the table.”

MPI also offers a certified university endorsement program. Call MPI Certified, it’s designed to ensure that college and university curricula align with best practice industry standards.

And rounding out the list of enhancements, MPI has launched the HMCC Verified Venues (HMCC-VV) designation for venues that need to understand the specific, and specialized, needs of the healthcare industry meetings they want to host. MPI beta-tested the HMCC-VV with its long-time partner, Marina Bay Sands, which became the first HMCC-VV. To earn the designation, venues are evaluated on 11 individual standards to determine how well they align with healthcare meetings’ best practices. Venues have to earn at least 50 out of 55 possible points to receive the designation.

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