Planners: Have You Tried Career Coaching?

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Soundings Elevate offers career coaching matched to individual goals and objectives.

Soundings Elevate offers a new customized coaching program geared to individual needs and career goals.

Soundings, a talent platform that connects organizations with relevant freelance and full-time business events professionals, has launched Soundings Elevate, offering customized career coaching services and collaborative group experiences. The program was designed to help meetings and events professionals secure promotions, develop key leadership qualities and enhance their executive presence.

While applicable for all genders, the program was created with women in mind, as they face a significant gender gap in leadership roles and equitable pay in the meetings and events industry. Nearly 60 percent of women respondents in a recent PCMA/Business Events Sydney study felt leadership roles at their organizations were unattainable or lacked clear pathways for advancement and only 30 percent believed their organizations supported their career trajectories.”I am deeply passionate about advancing the careers of women,” said Tracy Judge, Founder & CEO of Soundings, “not only as a female founder and business owner who has navigated these challenges but also as a leader who believes in the transformative power of diversity and inclusion for driving equity, innovation and collective business success.”

Personalized Coaching Programs

• Strengths Assessment & Coaching: In a 90-minute session, participants use Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment to identify their top five strengths. A professional coach reviews the results and links the strengths to their career paths.

• Career Accelerator: This 3-month, cohort-based career development program includes bi-weekly coach-led sessions that not only help participants develop their professional skills but also foster networking and peer support to build lasting industry relationships. Career Accelerator offers a collaborative, coach-led group learning program and specialized coaching for event marketing, association/non-profit, and financial/insurance niches.

• 1:1 Coaching: Soundings has a team of professional, certified coaches with industry knowledge dedicated to helping individuals leverage their strengths and navigate any obstacles impeding their career goals. Their focused support accelerates personal development and career growth by providing personalized guidance and accountability.

“Our team views the launch of the Soundings Elevate career coaching products as more than just an expansion of our services—it’s a commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where all professionals, especially women, have the resources and opportunities to thrive,” said Judge.

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