Freeman Creates Live Team Online Planner Community

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Freeman Creates Live TeamFreeman has created Live Team, a new online networking resource designed to be a place where business meeting and events professionals can connect, share perspectives and learn new skills as in-person meetings and events begin to restart after being shut down by COVID-19 restrictions on travel and group gatherings.

The network, which is hosted on the Discord community-based platform, is open to all industry professionals looking to connect with colleagues and peers to share, learn and gain the new skills they’ll need as in-person events move into the post-pandemic environment.

“Freeman has been a catalyst of connection for more than 94 years and for the past year has been working hard to support our industry through Go LIVE Together,” said Freeman CEO Bob Priest-Heck. “Going forward, giving industry professionals a safe place to gather and learn not only helps the events industry but represents the future of the talent that is needed.”

Live Team Project Lead Sherry Huss, who co-founded the global Maker Faire community, said, “The ‘we’re all in this together’ situation of the pandemic gave us an opportunity to create an online community of industry talent with diverse skills sets and a shared passion for learning, experimenting, and engaging. Creating an environment to foster a sense of inclusiveness and empathy is exactly what we need right now, and Live Team is open to anyone in the industry that would like to join.” She adds that, while it is not designed specifically to be a job site, it can be a place to share opportunities for those looking for a new position, whether they’ve been furloughed during the pandemic or are just graduating from school. Freeman subject matter experts, leaders and hiring managers are actively participating in the community as well.

Join Live Team

To participate, go to Live Team and fill out a brief registration. Once registered, participants can access special trainings and a constantly updated list of resources, learn about new opportunities, and participate in weekly Zoom discussions about industry trends, technologies and other areas of interest.

“The future of events is as an integrated model where face-to-face, online, broadcast, data and content come together in omni-channel moments,” said Priest-Heck. “And the future requires a breadth of talent with a diverse set of skillsets.”

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