Chocolate Teambuilding


chocolate teambuilding
Creating chocolates from scratch at the CACAO Experimental Bar

Chocolate teambuilding! Now, that’s a sweet idea for Valentine’s Day!

Here are three chocolate teambuilding ideas in honor of Valentine’s Day:

Hershey Chocolate Challenge

Of course we started at the source: the iconic Hershey Resorts in Hershey, Pa. The resort is known for its spa treatments using chocolate concoctions, and of course, there’s no lack of creativity when it comes to incorporating everyone’s favorite confection into teambuilding. The most popular is the Chocolate Challenge, originally designed by teambuilding experts at Teambonding for a Verizon meeting. It includes a series of challenges, from full-contact chocolate bingo, to building a chocolate tower or a “bridge over chocolate waters.”

Chocolate Baking and Cooking Games

Teambonding also offers baking and cooking teambuilding activities centered around chocolate. In the baking challenge, guests are  divided into groups and given a golden ticket containing their chocolate mission statement and target market segment. Each team has to create a box of chocolates for a section of the consumer market and develop a brand identity, marketing slogan, and packaging.

Or try a Team Chocolatier workshop, where attendees learn everything from how to produce fillings like coconut, apricot and framboise to tips on piping, shaping and coating, along with package design.

CACAO Experimental Bar

In a concept they call “farm-to-bar,” the Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort, a Panamanian  resort located in the Riviera Pacifica, just debuted the CACAO Experimental Bar. Led by an expert chocolatier, attendees learn the stages of farm-to-bar process of the cacao, from the cocoa seedling, fermentation and drying to grinding, mixing, roasting, blending and lots of tasting. Each participant is then given a workstation consisting of a chocolate bar mold, where they can create a total of three chocolate bars and customize them with candies, nuts and cookies.

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