5 Creative Ideas Make MeetingPlay More Planner-Friendly

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MeetingPlay launched the fourth generation of the event app at Marriott’s Corporate Partnership Conference this past week in Los Angeles.

After working with planners to customize this latest edition, the MeetingPlay app includes these five features at the request of meeting planners—whether they be personalized agendas and interactive maps or video integration and activity feeds.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

When first opening the app, attendees will be asked to answer a few simple questions regarding their interests, sessions they would like to attend and their purpose for attending. The app will use this information to curate content relevant to each individual, even suggesting sessions and speakers that may be of interest. The system will continue to learn from the attendee throughout the conference and produce content that is relevant.


Similarly, chatbots will be available to give meeting planners and attendees information quickly and efficiently. The chatbot rolled out in this fourth generation will use text and voice commands similar to Siri on your iPhone. Attendees can ask and quickly receive answers to questions such as, “Where is the general session?” or “What time does dinner start tonight?”

Augmented Reality (AR)

Planners who engage in Pokémon Go will appreciate the new AR feature that combines AR and gamefication. At the Marriott conference, designated AR tokens will be available for attendees to hover their app over everyday objects—say, sneakers or a comfy bed—that will also offer a clue about one of Marriott’s 30 brands.

IBeacon Technology

IBeacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy technology that works when a device comes into range of a beacon’s admission. For example, when an attendee walks into the main lobby at the beginning of an event, he or she is immediately notified with a welcoming message, encouraged to visit registration and provided with an interactive map experience.

QR Code Connections

QR codes continue to be popular in the events industry, and this app makes it easier for attendees to connect by scanning one another’s QR code located on his or her badge. From here, attendees can view their new connection’s profile, add contact information directly to their phone and begin user-to-user messaging.

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