PCMA Convening Leaders 2019 Looks to the Future

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Future of meetings and events; Photo Credit: Tom Parkes/Unsplash

The PCMA Convening Leaders 2019 conference held in Pittsburgh last week was abuzz with meeting planners looking to the future—and perhaps the most in line with that mindset was the “PCMA and Marriott on the Future of Events” educational session.

During the session, the duo revealed its “Future of Meetings & Events” study, which divides the trends into five categories: Emotional Intelligence, Orchestrated Serendipity, Multimodal Design, Bigger Than Oneself and Clear Sense of Place.

Emotional Intelligence 

This is designed with the end-user in mind and emphasizes the use of artificial intelligence and other technologies to gather data that helps meeting planners better understand their attendees, allowing them to connect on a deeper level. Same goes for allowing meetings staff more time and opportunities to focus on these connections.

Orchestrated Serendipity 

This is the follow-through to the emotional needs of attendees. Planners can orchestrate unexpected, meaningful moments at events by designing the physical spaces to force people to interact or by providing something unexpected.

Multimodal Design

Flexible meeting spaces are growing in popularity as the need to design for adaptation and iteration increases. That means content and space will continue to work hand-in-hand, supporting one another.

Bigger Than Oneself

Companies and events that express their values and have a message give consumers a brand they want to believe in, ensuring that making a statement goes a long way.

Clear Sense of Place

The locavore movement only continues to become mainstream, which, of course, included food and entertainment. But a disconnect from technology and experiences out in nature can equally add value to a meeting.

The trends report is coming in especially handy for Marriott, as the five subjects will act as jumping off points for its Convention & Resort Network’s Mastermind program, set to launch in March. The program will bring together Marriott mentors with meeting professionals through online and face-to-face discussion groups.

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