Top MICE Destinations in 2022: California and Mexico

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Among top North American destinations, Boston ranked #6 in 2022 and #2 in 2023 for rising popularity
Boston scored twice on the North American destination rankings: #6 in 2022 and on the hot list for 2023.

Global DMC Partners names top 10 2022 MICE destinations and trending markets for 2023.

Global DMC Partners, the largest global network of independent Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and specialized event service providers, has unveiled its 2022 Global Destination Index, identifying the most popular meeting and incentive destinations around the world in 2022 and those on a trending “hot list” for 2023. The listings were compiled based on both booked and pending business across GDP’s DMC partners worldwide.

Top 10 North American Destinations, 2022: 1. California, 2. Texas, 3. Illinois (Chicago), 4. Hawaii, 5. Florida, 6. Massachusetts (Boston), 7. Utah, 8. Tennessee, 9. Nevada (Las Vegas), 10. Arizona.

Top 10 International Destinations, 2022: 1. Mexico, 2. Spain, 3. Iceland, 4. Greece, 5. Italy, 6. Costa Rica, 7. Denmark, 8. France, 9. England, 10. Germany.

Top 10 Hot List Destinations, North America, 2023: In alphabetical order, Austin, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Los Cabos, Mexico, Miami, Palm Springs, Phoenix.

Top 10 Hot List Destinations, International, 2023: In alphabetical order, Athens, Bahamas, Bali, Cape Town, South Africa, Dubai, Ibiza, Nevis, Stockholm.

“Between destinations opening, more people feeling comfortable with traveling, and favorable exchange rates for some, we are seeing a rebound demand for many iconic cities, and we continue to see increased interest in unique, secondary and often off-the-beaten-path destinations,” said Global DMC Partners President and CEO Catherine Chaulet. “During the pandemic, when borders were closed, many travelers re-discovered the destinations in their own backyards and helped bring these new locations to the limelight. And now, with the higher cost and challenging issues around air travel paired with inflation, there is still an appeal for many to keep their programs regional.”

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