Interactive Rewards Events that WOW

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Rymax beachside table event set up

Have you ever fantasized about having a department store to yourself? Wouldn’t you love to go shopping for premium merchandise that was hand-picked for you? Rymax can help.

Rymax Marketing Services, Inc. has created and executed award-winning loyalty and incentive programs for over 20 years. We provide strategic, customized programs and events designed to maximize business growth, engage employees, motivate sales teams and increase customer retention, through aspirational brand name rewards.

Our programs offer products with high brand equity and the “latest and greatest” models. With access to over 15,000 trending products from more than 350 sought-after brands and exclusive access to nearly 100 aspirational brands, Rymax has the ability to offer exactly the right mix of product to appeal to the audience at hand.

Our memorable, on-site rewards events properly convey appreciation, fuel loyalty and encourage retention, by giving your meeting participants the opportunity to select reward items in-person, in a special setting. Rymax has truly mastered the art of creating events guaranteed to connect with your attendees.

We deliver fun and engaging team building events that offer participants an opportunity to earn points through on-site competitions, which they can later redeem for premium merchandise.

In addition, our exclusive shopping experiences take place in settings that range from beaches to ballrooms. These experiences simulate a high-end department store and provide attendees with an opportunity to browse, touch and interact with a variety of in-demand products across multiple categories, carefully selected just for them.

If you want to take rewards events to the next level, Rymax brings you R-SITE.

Rymax’s Strategic, Interactive Themed Events revolutionize onsite rewards programs. These unforgettable, one-of-a-kind events are designed with a specific theme and unique setting in mind and are created specifically for your audience, based on demographically targeted data and your budget.

R-SITE can be designed as smaller experiences specific to one brand or category. For a targeted experience, we can deliver headphone fittings to music lovers, or handbag events to fashionistas. We can also provide full brand experiences that offer a full collection of handbags and accessories from one premium brand.

From dedicated product experts, to a quick and easy proprietary check out system, Rymax offers comprehensive rewards programs that are truly turnkey to accommodate the specific needs of the client. Rymax is a one-stop-shop that strategically creates and seamlessly executes rewards experiences from beginning to end.

To deliver a fresh experience at your next meeting that resonates with attendees and leaves everyone motivated and inspired, visit

Rymax Marketing Services, Inc.
PO Box 2024
Pine Brook, NJ
Ph: 866-RYMAX-11

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