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We asked 3 gifting companies: “How are you helping planners create memorable gifting experiences for attendees?” 

 “The most impactful resources we can offer our clients are flexibility and choice. Our client relationships thrive because they know that, for every new program they bring us, we will have dozens of new and fresh gift ideas for their onsite or virtual program. We understand that gift experiences are just one aspect of a much larger event planning picture and we use the event theme ideas as inspiration to get creative with our gift offerings. We have found that if you can focus on gifts that will be useful and special to the recipient, those positive associations will be even stronger than with a generic, branded gift.” 

Peter Nesbitt, Chief Operations Officer
International Gifting Company 

International Gifting Company

“Reward your best with iconic brands. Uniquely personal, delightfully interactive and just plain fun, Citizens Watch America’s Gift in Time transforms event gift giving into an event in itself, creating a perfectly customized, truly memorable shopping experience. We’ll work with you every step of the way, paying attention to your budget, your guests and your goals. Pick the plan, pick the product and we’ll take it from there—providing displays, signage, tablecloths, shopping bags and even on-site sizing. With CWA’s major brands, it’s easy to put together a program that meets your needs. With a brand that has been renowned for quality and design, your guests will know how highly they are valued. CWA offers three event programs: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Each program offers CWA displays, tablecloths, signage and shopping bags. The Platinum and Gold programs provide additional service with on-sight CWA representatives at the event.” 

Adrienne Forrest, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales
Citizens Watch America


“To make your reward experience memorable, you’ll need to connect with your audience. First, our product specialists carefully curate a diverse selection of luxury rewards from premium brands that will appeal to your attendees. Then we focus on serving up those rewards at one of our exclusive, award-winning events. Whether your event is intended to be virtual, set against the backdrop of a tropical beach or in a large hotel ballroom, we help you conceptualize, build-out, and staff a customized reward experience that will leave your attendees feeling valued, understood and fulfilled. That’s what creates the connection; that’s what makes the experience memorable.” 

Paul Gordon, Senior Vice President of Sales

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