Madrid, Safe and Sustainable Meetings

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Madrid continues to host in-person events with safety precautions in place.

Welcoming, lively, cosmopolitan, sustainable, reliable and safe. Madrid is a leading city in the business tourism sector, and the international awards it has received only serve to reinforce this fact.

From Best MICE Destination 2020 at the World MICE Awards to Europe’s Leading Meetings & Conference Destination 2020 and the World’s Leading Meetings & Conference Destination 2020, these accolades are not only proof that the Spanish capital has been working non-stop to secure its position in the MICE sector, but are also an excellent starting point to take on the challenges of 2021.

Madrid Convention Bureau (MCB) is a body that works to promote the Spanish capital as a destination for conferences, events and meetings. This year, the two cornerstones that underpin its annual roadmap are sustainability and legacy. Intrinsically linked, sustainability encompasses the fields of ecology, the environment and social settings, and legacy represents the positive footprint that these types of professional events leave on the city after they have been held. In this sense, Madrid Convention Bureau has developed a guide for the application of the Sustainable Development Goals in the MICE sector, available here.

MadridTo these two strategic cornerstones, professionalism, creativity, and high standards must be added. Not forgetting the passion and dedication of the professionals of the sector, whom MCB has stayed in close contact with by means of training courses and promotional activities for its more than 200 affiliate companies.

It goes without saying that these professionals who ensure every last detail is taken care of, and the city’s warm and welcoming locals, are invaluable when it comes to ensuring the success of any business meeting in the capital. Over the past year, this invincible sector has successfully adapted and responded to guests and visitors in Madrid, as a city that has continued to host in-person events and meetings with guaranteed safety measures.

MadridJane’s Experience

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words; in our case, that picture is the experience of Jane, an agent who visits Madrid to organize a large-scale business event. Brought to life in a promotional video, her story aims to endorse the potential of the capital in the business tourism sector. This short piece by MCB recently received the MICE & Event International award at Berlin’s Golden City Gate tourism cinema festival.

Jane meets Madrid. A path to a unique experience captures the first-hand experience of the protagonist as she explores and discovers Madrid step by step, with her visit guaranteeing that her event will be both safe and a success. Jane tells her story from the heart, as it is in her heart where, in her own words, she will always carry a piece of Madrid.

For more information, visit esmadrid/mcb/en.

Contact: [email protected]

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