Plan Sustainable Events With MGM Resorts

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MGM Resorts’ Mandalay Bay

MGM Resorts has developed a comprehensive set of ideas to help clients drive positive environmental and societal benefits from hosting their events at its portfolio of unique properties.

The company is committed to being a global advocate in accelerating the fight against climate change, and has set goals to protect the planet by reducing its negative environmental impact and investing in sustainable design and construction.

By 2025, MGM Resorts plans to reduce carbon emissions per square foot by 45 percent, reduce energy per square foot by 25 percent, reduce water per square foot by 30 percent, and achieve 60 percent materials diversion rate. All of the company’s operations now focus on reducing carbon intensity, increasing energy efficiency, increasing water efficiency and increasing materials recycling.

Along with its commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion, and investing back into its communities, MGM Resorts has demonstrated its commitment to environmental leadership through initiatives such as the MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array.

Consisting of 323,000 solar panels located in a semi-arid basin 30 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, the MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array provides 100 megawatts of power that produces up to 90 percent of MGM Resorts’ Las Vegas day time needs. The initiative is a milestone in the company’s long-term climate strategy, and provides power for 65 million square feet of buildings across 13 properties and more than 36,000 rooms, which is equivalent to the power used by approximately 27,000 average U.S. homes annually.

In order to assist clients in improving the environmental efficiency of their events and reducing negative impact, MGM Resorts has designed a downloadable deck of 52 cards containing a menu of ideas that planners can select based on their clients’ priorities.

The ideas cover the four areas of venue and space, decor and signage, food and beverage, and outreach and education, while delivering the primary benefits of saving water, conserving energy, reducing materials and waste, and engaging with community. The ideas also support one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGS), which are also visually highlighted on the cards, as well as an assessment of the likely cost impact. Unlike the common perception, it does not need to cost more to drive environmental or societal benefits during an event, and each idea may have a different impact on event cost.

Venue and space ideas include options such as choosing venues that use energy efficient lighting, venues that divert food scraps from landfill, or which donate unserved food to charity. Decor and signage ideas include options such as requesting alternatives to fresh cut florals, requesting upcycled or reused props and furniture, or reducing size of signs or signage materials. Food and beverage options include requesting local and seasonal produce, requesting reusable dishware and utensils, or requesting compostable disposables. While outreach and education ideas include hosting a carbon neutral event, hosting sessions focused on sustainability, ensuring diverse representation among speakers, or supporting charities with volunteer activities.

The ideas can be implemented across MGM Resorts’ portfolio of properties, such as Mandalay Bay, which boasts more than 2.1 million square feet of space and is one of the largest meeting facilities on the Las Vegas Strip. Mandalay Bay’s Convention Center is the fifth largest in the U.S., and has achieved the Global Biorisk Advisory Council STAR Accreditation, and is also home to the largest contiguous rooftop solar array in America.

The MGM Grand offers more than 850,000 square feet of flexible meeting space that can be customized to the needs of groups of all sizes. The property also offers the world’s largest portfolio of Stay Well guest rooms and meeting rooms, which include state of the art air purification and other science-based features designed to enhance the meeting experience.

Following its 2018 expansion, the LEED Gold certified ARIA now offers over 500,000 square feet of meeting space. Native plants and trees contribute a desert ambiance to its spaces, which incorporate drought-tolerant landscaping and ultra-energy efficient and water efficient design.

Bellagio offers over 200,000 square feet of meeting space, as well as unique amenities such as its world famous fountains and Conservatory space. Outdoor meetings can take place at its 6,082 square-foot Grand Patio, or five distinctive pool courtyard settings that can host events for groups of 100 up to 2,000 attendees.

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