Experiential Meeting Design

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Prevue, in partnership with Dianne Devitt, is proud to present Visual Dynamics ™ & the Effect On Meeting Design. This white paper informs planners on how to incorporate meeting design in order to support the event’s strategic purpose. For your free copy, please enter your information below.


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Dianne Devitt is a creative powerhouse. With more than 25 years of experience as an event architect, author, speaker and teacher, she remains passionate about creative, sensory communication and people. Founder of The DND Group, Inc., Dianne has a track record as a dynamic industry leader in events, production and meetings. As creator and producer of the first SenseUP! Summit, Devitt identified the focus on sensory communication and its importance and relevance in live communication. Her ColorUP! workshops focus on how to think creatively to impact business, meetings and events.