4 Ways to Drive Attendee Engagement on the Show Floor

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drive-attendee-engagementMeeting planners are always looking for ways to create attendee engagement at meetings and events.

So, what about creating engagement in the exhibit hall? Here are four quick ways to do so:

Let Attendees Make Their Mark

Attendees of all generations are drawn (pun intended) to grabbing a Sharpie and signing their name, writing their opinion or drawing their vision of the future of their work. We have seen this work effectively in several different industries. Pose a question and let attendees go at it. This also creates great content for the marketing team to use post-event. Bonus: Sharpies only cost about $1.29.

Give Them Something to Do

Attendees respond to physical activity. Many clients have inspired attendee engagement by creating gaming areas in their exhibit hall or some other area of the conference, with foosball tables or cornhole (aka bean bag toss) to bring their community together for a little break from the topics of the day.

Offer Bite-Sized Education Sessions

Break down the barriers between your conference and exhibition with short talks on hot topics—not a Powerpoint, but an off-the-cuff conversation. Request that a speaker take additional questions, or have a board member get peppered by the young professionals group.

Make the Space Welcoming in Form & Function

Design appealing spaces that your community will want to hang out in. Take a cue from retail establishments such as Vineyard Vines and Lululemon, which offer seating spots inside their stores. The branding should keep the focus on you and the seating should be designed for comfort.

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