How Laughter, Mindfulness & Edutainment Engage Attendees

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Attendee engagement; Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop/Unsplash

Long gone are meetings that lecture, feed attendees information and let them go on their way, as attendee engagement continues to be a major priority.

But what exactly does that mean?

Freeman, a company that specializes in experiential marketing, features insights on this very topic via the Trend Lab on its website—and it seems laughter, mindfulness and edutainment are at the top of the engagement list. Here are how meeting planners can use the three to build more attendee loyalty and interaction at events.


There’s a reason why memes have quickly grown in popularity. They make people laugh, triggering a positive emotional response while also creating a connection that can bridge languages, cultures and generations. Freeman points to Dollar Shave Club, which uses puns, dad jokes and hair-related humor to create a rather loyal customer base—something that can be easily mimicked for events.


Did you know that being a meeting planner is considered one of the most stressful jobs? That’s very likely why IMEX continues to feature meditation guru Lee Papa at its annual event, Freeman points out. Meeting planners can even take from the IMEX playbook to create their own version of the event’s Be Well Lounge, featuring mediation and yoga sessions. However, oxygen bars, tea ceremonies, massage chairs or even a nap-pod space can provide ways that encourage attendees to relax and recharge.


Language learning apps like Duolingo or Memrise have become increasingly popular because they make learning fun. Meeting planners can do something similar at their events, whether it’s offering some sort of gamification in the event app or creating games from which attendees can learn. Something as simple as “fishing” for ideas to help spark attendee conversation using a child-size plastic fishing rod and some rubber ducks can become surprisingly entertaining.

What other insights do you believe spark attendee engagement?

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