Discovering Underutilized Visual Opportunities to Engage Attendees

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Recent studies have shown that approximately 65 percent of people are visual learners.

There are lots of underutilized opportunities to engage attendees visually in between sessions, lunches and receptions, says Cynthia Hornketh, CMM, Experient’s VP, experience design. Cynthia offers tips, such as mapping learning paths by persona or interest to help attendees connect to an event, for capitalizing on those opportunities to retain and enhance attendee engagement in “4 Eye-Catching Ways to Reinforce Attendee Connection.”

One of the most underutilized resources for connecting with attendees is the screen in the breakout room, she says. “Movie theaters have been onto this opportunity for years, using screens to convey important messages. Let’s do the same, but let’s apply filters to ensure what we communicate is hyper-relevant and appreciated by guests.”

Eye-catching messages on these screens can run the gamut, depending on your objective: “You may want to provoke thoughts and ideas that will be tackled in the session. You might mention valuable sponsor giveaways, showcase an award winner, or highlight fun entertainment or relaxation they can briefly indulge in. Breakout screens are also an ideal option for saying Thank You and Goodbye to guests; a message we often overlook.”

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