Increasing Audience Interaction with Unconventional Event Formats

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Wikimedia Hackathon, Photo credit: Sebastian ter Burg

Increasing audience interaction is key when planning for Millennials, whose epic appetite for engaging experiences can keep planners up at night. 

What’s a planner to do?

One idea, according to Jura Holub, marketing manager and meeting designer at, is to do away with PowerPoint presentations altogether and instead feature onstage interviews with industry leaders, followed by a delegate vote on the topic these leaders will discuss as a panel. It’s a great way to deliver maximum relevance for the audience; should know…they created a successful audience-interaction mobile app for events. Unconventional event venues also have a way of keeping attendees tuned in. Or how about putting on an meeting that lets attendees set 90 percent of the agenda?

Read more of Jura’s tips at “10 Awesome Event Concepts That You Will Want to Duplicate.”

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