How Millennials Define Success—And How You Can, Too

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Millennial defining success

In the past, success was defined by the amount you made and therefore the possessions you owned—but that’s not necessarily the case today.

As older generations report that the “money doesn’t buy happiness” adage rings true, younger generations are seeking a new definition of success—one defined by the things we do, rather than the things we have. Here are three key things that millennials report make them feel truly successful in today’s modern workforce.

Making an Impact

Millennials continue to express a need to find meaning in their work. That could mean everything from working for a socially conscious company to working in a role that inspires others, emphasizes collaboration and simply receives appreciation. Oftentimes, positive recognition from coworkers can mean more to millennials than their paycheck.

Finding Freedom

Work-life balance is among one of the top priorities for the millennial definition of success. They want to be able to mix and match their work with their personal lives by working remotely, building freelance careers apart from an employer and seeking the opportunity to find a career that makes them happy. In other words, millennials are demanding more and expecting more out of their role in society—or moving onto the next opportunity that will cater to this mindset.

Focusing on the Now

A recent Eventbrite study reported 78 percent of millennials would rather spend money on a desirable experience over buying something desirable. Because millennials crave experience over physical things, this approach to happiness and success means they are likely to take greater risks, attempting to try new things and meet new people. Not only can this bring more opportunity, but it also encourages an emphasis on the “now” instead of the past or future.

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