I Incorporate Wellness Into My Events By…

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“I incorporate wellness into my events by doing several things: having ‘breathing’ breaks, as there are many breathing apps to choose from; incorporating doTerra therapeutic essential oils available on cloths for a ‘sensory’ break; deliberately choosing food and beverage that encourage energy and alertness (with a little fun from sweets); using food and beverage to educate on the savory tasty choices that veggies and other healthy dishes bring; planning activities that encourage simple walking or movement; and including a stretch or gentle yoga classes in the morning and evening.” —Dianne Devitt, owner of DND Group

“incorporating doTerra therapeutic essential oils available on cloths for a ‘sensory’ break”

“Offering a balanced menu with plenty of healthy options like fresh fruit, Greek yogurt with granola, salads, lean meats and sliced veggies.” —April Ferguson, CMP, CMM, senior event logistics manager for CD M&E onsite at Cisco Systems Inc.

“Ordering healthy food and scheduling activities that get people up and moving around during the day.” —Dotty Durney, executive assistant to the CEO & CFO at TalentWave

“Honestly, having healthy breaks can be challenging because not everything that looks healthy on paper technically is. Plus, most attendees enjoy decadent snacks during meetings.” —Denise Wallace, senior account manager for Corporate Travel Concepts

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