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Enhance Meetings in The Palm Beaches

The Palm Beaches elevate meetings with inspiring venues, unique networking opportunities, and exceptional Between-The-Sessions experiences.

Elevate Meetings in The Palm Beaches

The Palm Beaches offer unique venues, connections, and Between-The-Sessions experiences to elevate meetings beyond the boardroom.
Palm Beaches

Be Inspired in Florida’s Cultural Capital

In The Palm Beaches, company culture meets arts & culture. Curate best-in-show meeting experiences, Between-The-Sessions.
Palm Beaches

Stand Out in The Palm Beaches

With 1,200+ downtown hotel rooms and invigorating Between-The-Sessions experiences, The Palm Beaches know meetings.
Palm Beaches

Designing Elevated Meetings in The Palm Beaches

Meetings are stylishly elevated in The Palm Beaches, where Between-The-Sessions offerings immerse attendees in local flavor.
Palm Beaches

New Openings and Meetings in The Palm Beaches

New hotel and experience offerings, as well as increased connectivity with new airline and rail access, are elevating meetings in The Palm Beaches.
Palm Beaches

Inspired Meetings in The Palm Beaches—Florida’s Cultural Capital

The Palm Beaches are bursting with creativity. Make your meeting stand out with local arts, culture and inspiration, Between-The-Sessions.
Palm Beaches

Plan Meetings that WOW Attendees in The Palm Beaches

Plan meetings that wow attendees with The Palm Beaches’ world-class amenities, vibrant community and unforgettable event experiences.
Palm Beaches

Elevate Your Meetings in The Palm Beaches

The Palm Beaches offer distinct experiences with community partners that will elevate events and inspire attendees, within the meeting and beyond.
Palm Beaches

Inspire Wellness in The Palm Beaches, Between-The-Sessions

The Palm Beaches have the outdoor spaces, community partners, and local amenities to support wellness a focus of successful meetings.
Palm Beaches

Set Meetings Apart in The Palm Beaches, Florida

The Palm Beaches set the scene for successful meetings, and offerings that will make your meeting shine.

Innovate! Visionary Summit Wraps Up in Palm Beach

A top-tier group of meeting and incentive planners gathered with industry sponsors for two days of  education and idea sharing June 27 to 28...

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