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House of Representatives Passes No Hidden FEES Act

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the No Hidden FEES Act, a major AHLA legislative priority that ensures lodging cost transparency.
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Bipartisan Senate Bill Targets Hidden Hotel Fees

A new bipartisan Senate bill takes aim at “hidden” hotel fees and surcharges, with the goal of making them more transparent from the start.
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Enough With Those Pesky Hidden Fees!

Meeting planners are being asked to pay for things that they never would have dreamed of being asked to pay for in the past.
Prevue panelists share tips on how planners and hoteliers can negotiate contracts in a seller's market.

Contract Negotiations in a Seller’s Market

Prevue panelists weigh in on how planners and hoteliers are negotiating contracts in an era of rising fees and reduced services.

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