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Tag: U.S. State Department

Extension of Visa Waiver Authority Praised by Travel Industry

The U.S. tourism industry is praising the government's extension and expansion of its nonimmigrant visa interview waiver program.

6 Countries You Wouldn’t Expect to Have Travel Advisories

Check out these unexpected countries that have been identified in 2023 travel advisories from the U.S. State Department.
travel advisories

Did You Know These Countries Have U.S. Travel Advisories?

If you’re taking a meeting outside of the U.S., there could be local risks involved that may not be intuitively obvious.
travel advisory

Level 4 Travel Advisory Lifted

Due to health and safety conditions improving in some countries and deteriorating in others, the U.S. State Department is moving away from a generalized travel advisory against international travel and returning to its previous system of providing travel advice specific to individual countries.

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