How to Bail on Events Buffalo Bill Style

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Buffalo Bill, event bailing, meeting tips, networking
Buffalo Bill

We’ve all been to events that seem to drag on and on with no end in sight.

Unfortunately, you still need to network and attend relevant educational sessions that you can report back to the office. If you’re at a particularly banal event, here are three exit strategies gleaned from Buffalo Bill’s many personas that will allow you to get your work done without the yawn factor.

Soldier Through One-on-Ones

To honor his work as a civilian scout for the US Army during the Indian Wars, Buffalo Bill received a Medal of Honor in 1972. Like serving in the Army, being held accountable is also important at events. The most important thing before bailing on an event is attending any one-on-one appointments that you have set up for yourself as well as any dinners where a name card might quickly highlight your absence.

Using Tactics on the Trade Show Floor

Buffalo Bill got his nickname after the American Civil War when he was contracted to supply Kansas Pacific Railroad workers with buffalo and did so by hunting more than 4,000 buffalo in 18 months. Similar efficient tactics can be used on the trade show floor. One of the best ways to get the most relevant information quickly is by visiting booths that have takeaway information in the form of a pamphlet or USB drive. The more information you can bring back to the office, the better—and the quicker you’ll get to leave the show.

Giddy Up at Networking Events

Buffalo Bill was a famous showman with his touring “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West” show that glorified the American West, but even a celebrity like Buffalo Bill surely found it difficult to meet people he didn’t know. If you’re attending an event on your own and don’t know many people, one way to break the networking bubble is by reaching out to event organizers to help introduce you to the people you need to meet. That makes your time more efficient and avoids any awkward wallflower moments.

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