5 Tips for Making Business Travel Easier

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Find ways to make business travel relaxing and fun.

We all know that business travel can be grueling—but it doesn’t have to be torture. Prevue turned to a few road warriors for their tips for making it more fun.

Whether it’s a movie you watch or a personal care ritual, find a way to make business travel easier. Here are 5 great suggestions.

Have a plan for delays.

“Save a long-awaited season finale or movie to watch only when your flight or trip is delayed, refocusing your brain on something positive,” advises Shawn Achor, author of the New York Times best seller, The Happiness Advantage.

Travel light

Don’t be weighed down with luggage and gifts; ship whatever you buy instead. “Not only is it a hassle to carry extra bags, but it’s costly. Most airlines charges $25 for the first checked bag and $35 for the second,” advises Andrea Woroch, consumer finance expert and media strategy consultant. “Not to mention, you may be facing an average $50 penalty for any overweight bags.” Source: Inc.com

Put the Extra Time to Good Use

Use your waiting time to call friends with whom you haven’t spoken in awhile. When you are a road warrior, your family will be happy to hear from you whenever they do. Or, if you have a long layover, catch up with people in person. Your friends and former classmates have probably spread out over the country, or the world. Source: Elite Daily

Know Your Perks

It’s worth knowing if your company or credit card provides benefits that can save you some money and help keep your sanity. These programs might allow you access to airline lounges, provide special phone numbers for restaurant bookings, or provide insurance and help during travel disruptions. As you travel more, the perks keep expanding. Source: TechRepublic

Create Routines

Eat before you get on the plane to maximize the amount of time you can sleep, particularly for red-eye flights. Transcontinental and transatlantic flights are often too short for a full night’s sleep. So maximize your Z’s by “preparing for bed”–brushing your teeth and getting into comfortable clothes–before the flight. Go to sleep as soon as you hit the seat. Scoring a window seat avoids being disturbed by fellow passengers during the flight. Source: Fast Company

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