3 Ticketing Platforms to Streamline the Planning Process

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Event Wristbands

Ticketing can be one of the biggest headaches leading up to an event or conference.

That’s why it’s key to use a ticketing platform that is not only reliable at managing ticket sales, but also allows planners to track ticket sales in real time and in an easy-to-use format that both your staff and attendees can use. Here are three ticketing platforms for event planners to test their ticketing needs for future corporate events.

WordPress’ Events Manager Plugin

WordPress has made it easy for event planners who already have a WordPress site to add an Events Manager plugin that offers ticketing. The free version offers the basics: the ability to set up multiple ticket types at varying price points, capacity tracking and cut-off dates. Upgrade to the pro version, however, and you can add other options such as the ability to give attendees coupons or discount codes.


Another simple, quick solution to ticketing is Purplepass, which allows planners to post events directly to the Purplepass site or access customizable widgets to facilitate sales through the event’s own site. The option to discount tickets and offer coupon codes is also included. The platform even gives planners the option to order physical tickets or wristbands as well as the option to use marketing tools that track event marketing efforts. The main drawback, however, is that payouts aren’t completed until after the event occurs, so upfront costs will have to be paid for out-of-pocket.


In comparison, Eventzilla allows planners to get an instant payout as soon as a payment is processed, in addition to the basic ticketing offerings. This all-in-one registration and ticketing solution also allows you to create codes for special pricing and even manage a waiting list to help resell unused tickets to interested attendees.

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