3 Ways to Build Attendee Trust Using Social Proof

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Social proof

Building trust in your event brand can be difficult, as several studies show that public trust in businesses and brands are at a new low.

Luckily for meeting planners, however, the latest psychological phenomenon of social proof (or social influence) can help overcome some of that distrust. Using these three methods of social proof will help give your attendees the confirmation they need from others and will quickly help them see just what your event is all about.

Get an Influencer

One of the fastest ways to social proof your event is finding influencers. These are industry veterans or even celebrities who have a large social media following and are trusted as an industry source. If you’re a planner in the tech world, a tech blogger or key exec would do the trick. Feature a testimonial from the influencer on your website, or have them post something to their social media page to help reach your audience.

Market the Numbers

Use past attendance numbers to grow future ones by marketing the fact that a certain amount of people support your event or brand. It’s the idea that there’s safety in numbers. You can take note from big brands such as McDonald’s, which has long featured the amount of customers it serves on restaurant signs. Incorporate your attendance numbers into marketing emails, on your website and on social media to remind attendees that they, too, can join the crowd.

Incorporate Customer Reviews

One of the most powerful forms of social proof in recent years is through user-generated reviews. Just like how customers review businesses on Yelp, attendees look to past attendee reviews to see how a specific event played out. While there’s always a risk that there will be a bad review, the good reviews could really outweigh the bad in terms of building trust with your attendees.

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