How to Create a Modern Workplace With Millennial Appeal

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Modern workplace; Photo Credit: Rawpixel/Unsplash

Progressive employers are listening to millennials and have begun transforming the modern workplace to keep up with this generation’s new priorities.

If you’re among those looking to employ workers from the millennial generation, here are some areas you should address to create a company culture that welcomes employees of all ages—but especially this younger generation.

Workers Should Feel Welcome

Do your best to make your workplace inviting to employees, and accommodate any legitimate special needs they present. It’s vital to ensure that your employees feel comfortable, so they’ll be able to translate that comfort into the best possible experience for customers. It’s also imperative to make sure everyone feels their voice is heard and to deal with any workplace conflicts in a fair and timely manner.

Flexible Schedules Are More Effective

Most people are busier and spend more time online than ever before. Millennial employees who grew up attached to mobile devices are available to accomplish work tasks well outside the regular 9-to-5. Flexibility in the work schedule is a natural complement to this constant availability; if they’re essentially available around the clock, then they should be able to work when it fits their schedules.

Offer Professional Development & Training

Offer your employees training or personal development opportunities while they work for you. Learning new skills and enhancing capabilities can bolster an employee’s confidence and workplace morale, and the potential for raises/promotions will keep work ethic and engagement high.

Consider the Commute

Most workers in the millennial generation will not resign themselves to a long commute for work. If your company is looking to relocate or build, consider a location close to an area where many millennials live. Millennials also are very aware of their environmental impact, meaning it’s likely that workers will prefer to bike or walk to the workplace.

Workspaces Should Invite Connection

If your office is one with cubicles galore, consider knocking those boxes down in favor of an open, collaborative workspace. An open floor plan with varied surfaces and spaces can encourage the sharing of ideas and communication between employees, helping to foster a sense of teamwork.

Comfort Equals Productivity

If you’re furnishing (or redesigning) the workplace, consider looking into ergonomic options. specifically designed to help employees feel comfortable and supported during long hours of work. Ergonomic furniture has been proven to increase efficiency and productivity, and can even prevent repetitive stress injuries that come with prolonged office work.

Stay Connected

One thing is certain: Millennials love their technology. It’s generally their preferred method of communication over face-to-face interaction. Working via Skype, Slack, BaseCamp, or even email is a useful approach to communicate with millennials. Workplace interaction apps also make it easier to keep in touch with shifting teams and evolving projects on a single screen.

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