5 Charlie Brown Quotes for Avoiding “Good Grief’” Holiday Events

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Charlie Brown

Every year, Charlie Brown holiday specials air on TV to bring audiences across the globe a positive message via Charlie’s “good grief” attitude.

Yet he (and sometimes we) often learns an important lesson, and these Charlie Brown-isms can transfer into the event industry. Here are five Charlie Brown quotes from the comic strip that can be applied to events this holiday season.

“Tell your statistics to shut up!!” —Charlie Brown

While not every meeting planner wants to define his or her events by data, polling attendees and reviewing surveys from last year’s holiday party can help give a much better idea of how to handle everything from the budget to the entertainment to the F&B. Like Charlie Brown realizes, sometimes stats reveal an unwanted truth that can eventually be beneficial.

“Life is like a 10-speed bicycle… some of us have gears we never use.” —Linus

This applies to holiday event themes as well. Steer clear of the typical winter themes and incorporate something like superheroes or pop music into the event. It can still have a winter or holiday element, but with an innovative, timely twist.

“A hot dog just doesn’t taste right without a ball game in front of it…” —Charlie Brown

Just like Charlie Brown associates hot dogs with baseball games, attendees will associate certain foods with certain holidays. Most corporate event planners, however, need to pay attention to the likes and needs of everyone invited to the party. That includes dietary constraints and religious or cultural differences. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and choose atypical F&B foods that will create new traditions.

“In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.” —Charlie Brown

Wise words, Charlie Brown. Like in life, the answers or key elements of an event shouldn’t be at the end. With schedules as busy as they are today, attendees expect to show up to an event and not have to wait too long for a main event or F&B course. For a large company, make sure that the event has steady movement so that no matter what time attendees arrive, there is an exciting element for everyone to equally enjoy.

“I thought it was sort of a one-shot deal!” —Linus

One way to make a holiday event effective is by incorporating a charity component. Even better, create a charity component that goes well beyond the “one-shot” event and into 2017. Just because you’re planning one event doesn’t mean the giving spirit has to end at midnight.

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