5 Ways to Liven Up Spring Events

Spring-themed events
Spring-themed events

Spring is officially here. In lieu of the typical tea parties and flower-themed events, check out these five creative ideas to liven up a spring-themed event as attendees expect more color and unconventional decorations in the warmer months.

  1. Citrus Boxes: Not only can fruit make a colorful decoration for a springtime event, but the wooden, citrus boxes that oranges and lemons are delivered in can also make the perfect signage or display towers at an event.
  2. Parasols or Umbrellas: As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” and that sentiment is what makes parasols or umbrellas a fun, themed decoration. Hang them upside down from the ceiling for a whimsical ambiance, especially if a breeze is expected to twist and turn them.
  3. Illuminated Tabletops: Especially noteworthy at night, illuminated tabletops can showcase pastel colors to lighten up a spring dinner instead of candles or lanterns.
  4. Hot-Air Balloon: Most companies don’t have the budget to take all their employees on a hot-air balloon ride, but a hot-air balloon theme can be a close second. Set up a Wizard of Oz-style, hot-air balloon basket indoors for a creative backdrop and photo op.
  5. Tea Leaf Readings: Tea leaf readers, similar to tarot card readers or psychics, can add a fun element to an afternoon tea. The ancient practice of tea leaf reading involves a reader interpreting patterns made by tea leaves in a cup.