How to Mitigate Event No-Shows


No-shows are always an issue in the corporate event world. The average no-show rate for paid events is 10 percent, while free events often see no-show rates up to 50 percent, according to Kalahari Resorts & Conventions. Here are five tips on how corporate event planners can fix the no-show problem.

  1. Analyze who is not showing up. First, if you’re having a no-show problem, make sure to analyze the results from past events to see who is not showing up. Maybe a certain demographic is continuing to not show up, and you can create a plan on how to engage them better in the future.
  2. Get your event on attendees’ calendars. Several event management systems now offer links that prompt attendees to add your event to their online calendar. This visual reminder is key in helping them remember the event as they look at their schedule in advance.
  3. Send reminders and communicate. Even if you get your event on attendees’ calendars, schedule email notices to send out to attendees prior to the event. If it’s only a week away, ask attendees to be honest about whether or not they’re going to show so their spot can be taken by an attendee who wants to attend your event.
  4. Set up a standby list. In order to be able to give spots away to attendees who want them you need a standby list. Several ticketing and registration systems offer standby options, so use them.
  5. Make online check-in available and set clear deadlines. Just because you ask attendees to tell you if they’re going to attend doesn’t mean they will. Setting up an online check-in option 24 hours before the event will help you see who is attending in advance. Note: If you incorporate a check-in policy prior to the event, you can give up an attendee’s spot at the deadline stated in the policy.