5 Companies Joining the #LastStraw Campaign

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Plastic straws

The hospitality industry is making an effort to cut back on waste by joining in on the #LastStraw campaign.

In 2017, Iberostar Group became one of the first hotels to eliminate the use of plastic straws—10 million to be exact. And this year it announced a second goal of eliminating all single-use plastics across all its properties by next year. In the past few months, other hospitality companies have either pledged to stop plastic straw use altogether or make them available only upon request. Here are five that will be enforcing a #NoStraw policy in the near future.

Marriott International

Marriott announced plans earlier this week to remove plastic straws and drink stirrers from its 6,500 hotels and resorts worldwide by this time next year. That would equate to approximately 1 billion straws and 250 million stirrers. It’s also slowly rolling out a plan in its North American hotels to replace individual bath bottles with recyclable dispensers containing Paul Mitchell Tea Tree products.


Starting this July, AccorHotels pledges to ban the use of straws at its 83 North and Central America properties. This piggybacks the “straw upon request only” policy that most of its hotels already implemented.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Last month, Royal Caribbean announced that its 50 cruise ships would no longer carry plastic straws starting in 2019. That includes its Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity and Azamara Club Cruises brands.

Hilton Worldwide

Hilton announced in May that it plans to eliminate plastic straws across all its 650 managed hotels worldwide. It also plans to remove plastic bottles from its conference and event spaces, making it the first hotel chain to successfully ban both worldwide. Hilton properties in China and Mongolia already began removing plastic water bottles last September, and its properties in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji already replaced plastic straws with biodegradable paper ones.

Four Seasons Hotels

Four Seasons led the pack by announcing back in April that it would ban plastic straws at all 110 of its properties by the end of this year.

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