This Thanksgiving, #GiveThanks with Rymax Marketing

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Rymax Marketing Services

Thanksgiving is about more than unabashed feasting and familial revelry—it’s also about, well, giving thanks.

To capitalize on the spirit of gratitude the holiday cultivates, Rymax Marketing Services is launching an innovative campaign with an appropriate name: #GiveThanks. “Showing recognition and appreciation of employees shouldn’t consist of the same old strategies that happen once a year,” says Paul Gordon, senior vice president of sales at Rymax.

Instead of the same tired approach, the company—which provides incentive marketing solutions and high-end corporate gifts—will be giving away its products to five lucky winners selected by those who appreciate their hard work. The premise is simple: Every day from Nov. 27 (Cyber Monday) through Dec. 1, Rymax will feature a new premium product on its LinkedIn and Facebook pages, culling from a catalogue that includes luxuriant body products, brand-name fashion, cutting-edge electronics and more. People can then nominate their employees, colleagues, peers or clients/customers to be gifted one of those products, by expressing why they’re grateful to work with them. Rymax will select who’s most deserving, and bestow them with their present.

The goal, Gordon says, isn’t just to foster Thanksgiving gratitude, but to encourage gratitude all year round. “Through our #GiveThanks campaign, we are providing a large-scale platform for folks to be able to recognize employees, colleagues and peers who deserve a bit of extra acknowledgement for a job well done,” he emphasizes. “In doing so, we’re also highlighting the creative approach that Rymax takes when creating new ways to engage employees. Through premium rewards that extend beyond traditional recognition, we are ensuring that gratitude isn’t limited to once or twice a year, but that touch points are created throughout the year to connect with employees and motivate them to continue to put their best foot forward.”

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