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Prevue, in partnership with Dianne Devitt, is proud to present Visual Dynamics ™ & the Effect On Meeting Design. This trend report informs planners on how to incorporate meeting design in order to support the event’s strategic purpose. Download your FREE copy today!

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The Impact of the Senses on Meetings

In this lively and innovative webinar focused on the senses and impact on meeting design, Dianne Budion Devitt, founder of The DND Group, Inc., will engage attendees to unleash their own creative quotient. She will explore how meeting design can be used to deliver the message and to increase impact and ROE.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • the role of the five senses, as well as the 25 additional senses and 30 sensibilities we all possess
  • how more than 85% of communication is non-verbal and how the meeting impacts that impression
  • the use of timing, placement, agenda format, meeting and event enhancers, production and design components
  • the use of touch points and when to evoke responses that create lasting memories
  • integrated marketing design
  • how to conduct a sensory audit of a meeting

Featured Speaker:

Dianne DevittDianne Budion Devitt
founder of The DND Group, Inc

Dianne is a producer, educator and speaker, known for her unique style blending creativity and vision. A best-selling author of What Color is Your Event?, a resource for meeting design and how to apply impactful creative ideas, Dianne launched the first SenseUP! summit in April 2016 on sensory engagement and has designed an industry accredited workshop on meeting design called ColorUP!. She is also a board member of the Metro New York Special Events Society and the National Speakers Association NYC chapter.


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