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Nationwide Protests Continue to Disrupt Travel in France

Nationwide protests and strikes are hampering, if not shutting down, travel to France—with no clear end in sight.

Mexico Travel Safety: Mixed Messages

Unlike other destinations, Mexico doesn’t have a general travel advisory warning from the U.S. State Department; each of its states has its own travel advisory.

ETIAS to Start Next Year

Americans heading to Europe next year will face new paperwork requirements and fees with the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS).

Drought Conditions Could Affect Summer European Cruises

Lack of snow and dry conditions in some parts of Europe are raising concern about a summer drought that could affect river cruising.
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Air Travel Will Soon Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels

By December 2022, international air travel had risen 152.7 percent over 2021, and that momentum will continue into 2023.

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