Contract Negotiation

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Contract Negotiation COVID-19 has resulted in a virtual world where we meet, conduct business, socialize, and undertake contract negotiation online.

Meetings and conferences are still being booked, but all contract negotiation is being done online. As a result of this new reality, ShelterZoom, released initially as a blockchain-based real estate online offer platform, is appealing to meeting and incentive professionals with its expanded platform, DocuWalk.

DocuWalk provides a powerful dashboard, enabling all those involved in the contract or document process to instantly negotiate, and make changes online with privacy in mind. Those who are part of the contract will receive push or text notifications throughout the process and instantly chat with one another via a modern, user-friendly interface.

This platform significantly refines and streamlines the process of making offers, reducing paperwork, document collaboration, contract negotiation, and bringing greater openness to what has traditionally been a fragmented and opaque process.

“Given the current global environment, there is more and more interest in Zoom meetings where we can share and see each other’s faces. But where does contract collaboration or negotiation fit in? ShelterZoom allows companies to virtually manage digital documents, contracts, and transactions,” explained Chao Cheng-Shorland, co-founder and CEO, ShelterZoom.

The company is in the midst of integrating a Zoom feature into its platform. “People will be able to see each other and negotiate using our blockchain technology,” said Allen Alishahi, co-founder and president, ShelterZoom.

The technology is already saving people a great deal of time. “It’s now possible to get a deal done in an hour, instead of a few weeks,” explained Alishahi.

When one party makes a change to the contract, that change appears on the other party’s version of it as well. “Instead of party one and party two having to rescan the contract, drop it in the mail, sort through the changes, everything is made on your computer screen in one shot. It is efficient and, most of all, safe.”

All parties can add requests, reject them, make changes, etc.

There is a free basic version with limited functionality, that includes blockchain signature and e-signature. The next level is $9 per month per individual which includes the virtual negotiation room. The advanced package is $15 per month which includes all functions. For business accounts, they are $15 per user per month. Once a business reaches more than 10 users, it can get a discounted enterprise package.

Coronavirus is the number one topic in the meetings and travel industries right now and your meeting contracts are more important than ever. Attend our webinar on June 16 at 1 pm ET to learn about the ins and outs. Click here to register.

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