Tracking In-Person Events in Real Time

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Tracking In-Person Events
Organizations are compiling data on safe events taking place now.

Several companies have created online tools for tracking in-person events that are taking place under best-practice guidelines.

As the industry takes steps towards recovery, several organizations are tracking in-person events and compiling data on meetings that have taken place successfully despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic.

Meetings Accomplished

Meeting Expectations has launched the Meetings: Accomplished platform, which compiles the latest data on completed face-to-face meetings held by corporations, associations and organizations. Clients and organizations that have successfully completed an in-person event during the pandemic are invited to enter their information into the platform, including industry type, organization type (association, corporate or other), number of attendees, location and the date that the event took place. The platform for tracking in-person events also allows visitors to view the data on events that have taken place, dating back to Aug. 2020 when the platform launched.

Meet Safe

Meetings Mean Business has developed a new platform called Meet Safe, in partnership with destination management software provider Simple View, which is intended to showcase how in-person and hybrid meetings can safely take place amid COVID-19 by tracking in-person events. The aim of the platform is to illustrate how proper adherence to local gathering limits, as well as health and safety best practices, can ensure safe and successful professional meetings. Groups that have completed a safely conducted meeting are invited to share their meeting experience, including a brief testimonial about the event and the precautions taken to maintain a healthy environment. Past meeting and event stories are shared on the website after approval by a team member, in order to document how live events can be safely accomplished according to best practice guidelines.

Global Event Tracker

Marketing company GES has created the interactive Global Event Tracker to visually illustrate trade show and event attendance in key trade show cities around the world. The tracker records events that have taken place within the past 90-days on a global map and is updated twice a month. The online tool for tracking in-person events uses green-yellow-red indicators to show attendance and mitigation requirements. Green indicates cities that are open to events of more than 2,000 attendees, yellow indicates that events of under 250 attendees are taking place with mitigation measures in place, while red indicates that no live event activity has taken place within the past 90 days. In the U.S., Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Houston and Dallas display a green light on the event tracker; while globally, Dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo, Auckland and Wellington have green lights to show that large events have taken place in these cities. The tracker allows visitors to click through for further information on the city guidelines currently in place for each location.

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