Explore Chengdu, China

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Leshan Giant Buddha

Pacific World, a global destination management company, now offers groups more reasons to visit Chengdu, China.

While the capital city in southwestern China’s Sichuan province is a growing business hub, it’s also home to the country’s popular Dujiangyan Giant Pandas and features many cultural elements that standout for groups. Pacific World tailored four “Fresh” adventures for attendees to explore in Chengdu.

Preserve the Panda Habitat

Attendees can take a private tour of the Dujiangyan Giant Pandas that are currently being threatened because of habitat loss, harvesting, hunting and tourism. On the tour, attendees can assist animal keepers as they record behaviors, clean enclosures and prepare food for the beautiful creatures.

Taste the Flavors of Sichuan Cuisine

On this excursion, attendees will try different sauces used in the spiciest Chinese dishes from open-topped clay pots containing fermented chilies and beans. They will also learn how to pray to the Kitchen God to become a good Chinese chef before cooking an authentic meal.

Visit Chengdu’s Giant Buddha

Groups can take a local ferry to see the Leshan Giant Buddha, part of the Mount Amei Scenic Area that’s been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. Here, attendees can also visit the nearby temple to have a cup of tea with a local monk and even explore a Chinese tomb.

Explore Chengdu’s Natural Beauty

Leave the city to visit Chengdu’s surrounding rural areas where attendees can learn to haggle at a traditional market and take a one-hour hike to the village of Chen Jia Xiang. Exploring beautiful temples and a traditional teahouse will round out the experience before heading back to Chengdu.

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