Shanghai Disney Resort Touts Tallest Castle in the World

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Shanghai Disney Resort, Shanghai, China
Shanghai Disney Resort

Disney continues to expand in China with the June 16 opening of Shanghai Disney Resort, the company’s second resort in China (in addition to Hong Kong Disneyland) and its sixth worldwide. The theme park combines the Chinese culture with the Disney whimsy, setting the bar with the biggest, tallest castle in any Disney Park, the first pirate-themed land and the most technological of all the Disney parks.

“The grand opening of Shanghai Disney Resort is a celebration of creativity and collaboration, a triumph of imagination and innovation, and a testament to the strong partnership between Disney and China,” says Bob Iger, chairman and CEO for The Walt Disney Company. “Together we have created an extraordinary destination, a magical place unique in all the world, where East meets West, the past meets the future, and anything is possible for those who believe. It is our sincere hope that this spectacular place will inspire wonder and create joy for the people of China for generations to come.”

The resort features six themed lands. The largest, Fantasyland, is inspired by Disney’s animated films and anchored by Enchanted Storybook Castle — Disney’s tallest, largest and most interactive castle to date. Treasure Cove is Disney’s first pirate-themed land and takes attendees to visit the worlds of Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones. Mickey Avenue is the first main entry at a Disney theme park inspired by Mickey Mouse and his pals. Adventure Isle, Gardens of Imagination and Tomorrowland round out the themed-land experience.

Located adjacent to the theme park is Disneytown, featuring about 50 international shopping and dining locations as well as Walt Disney Grand Theatre, which is playing the Mandarin premiere of The Lion King. Also nearby are 420-room Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and 800-room Toy Story Hotel. As if that’s not enough, nearby Wishing Star Park touts an impressive 123-acre green space, complete with a glittering lake and 1.5-mile walking path.

Chinese attendees will also recognize some more authentic characteristics of today’s China — traditional regional cuisine, Chinese acrobatic performances, Shikumen architecture and Chinese Zodiac designs in Garden of the Twelve Friends.

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