RockStar Hotels Highlights Europe’s Hidden-Gem Hotels

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Hotel Alfonso XIII

Designed by Giorgio Armani himself, Armani Hotel Milano features an elegant blend of high-end aesthetics and is just one example of the 40 hotels that make up the newly launched RockStar Hotels collection.

The collection features luxury boutique hotels from seven European countries: Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the Czech Republic (with properties in Germany and the United Kingdom coming soon). Ideal for intimate groups, the boutique properties in the collection are guaranteed to meet the highest standards in service, decor and amenities. In fact, RockStar executives revisit the hotels in the portfolio every 90 days to ensure the collection remains of the highest quality.

While Armani Hotel Milano is famous in the contemporary fashion world, the collection also features historic properties such as Hotel Alfonso XIII. The hotel was built in the heart of Seville, Spain, by the king of Spain in 1929. Its historic grandeur is matched by the beautiful architecture that makes up the essence of the city. Similarly, the more than 100-year-old Hotel Vernet in Paris pays homage to the history of great Parisian establishments, while maintaining a contemporary feel after a 2014 renovation. All three offer a wide range of event spaces.

RockStar Hotels President and CEO Robert Santucci created the collection to help groups find hidden-jewel hotels that make traveling to Europe authentic. “We know that traveling today can be challenging,” says Santucci. “We have chosen hotels that intuit the mood of the guest the moment he or she appears at their entrance. The hotels in our portfolio are committed to anticipating the needs of the guest and delivering their own special brand of hospitality.”

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