3 Tours for Getting Groups Out & Under the Mexican Sun

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Mexico toursHarvard Medical School scientists recently released research on the benefits of meditation retreats.

And with a growing millennial demographic that is focusing on wellness as a means to finding work-life balance, wellness has quickly become a hot topic in meetings, particularly in Mexico where wellness traditions are being re-imagined as the latest innovations. Whether yoga, meditation, brain foods or spa treatments here are a few Mexico tours for getting groups out and under the Mexican sun.

Rancho Tours

About an hour’s drive beyond the touristy outskirts of Cabo San Lucas lies Todos Los Santos, situated in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. Rancho Tours offers groups six-hour tours to visit this laidback town, recognized as one of two Pueblos Magicos along the Baja California Peninsula. It’s bohemian surfer vibe offers a sense of calm as attendees visit several attractions such as the Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture), the blanket factory and the La Mision de Nuestra Senora del Pilar. The city’s colorful atmosphere is enhanced by art galleries, craft shops and jewelry stores that line the streets.

Mexican Food Tours

Groups interested in exploring Mexico’s culinary scene should look no further than Mexico City, where two very important food cultures coexist. One includes emerging restaurants, while the other includes a network of sidewalk grills, market stalls, taquerias and homey kitchens called fondas. Mexican Food Tours offers private group tours and cooking classes where attendees can experience a good variety of both. The Polanco Mexican Food Tour introduces attendees to food that is popular among Mexico City residents, known as chilangos. The exploration moves from an authentic Oaxacan food restaurant to top-rated taco stands, while the San Juan Market Food Tour takes attendees to discover the local food markets.

Surf It Out

Named a Pueblo Magico in 2015, Sayulita is about an hour’s drive northwest of Puerto Vallarta. This seaside village is a haven for surfers and fishermen alike, with bohemian craft stores situated alongside seafood restaurants and vendors selling coconuts from coolers along the cobblestone streets. Surf It Out offers groups the opportunity to participate in the local surf culture. Instructors are available to teach everything from standup paddle yoga lessons to surfing lessons that last between one and five hours. The company can even organize customized surf retreats for groups that have a couple days to spare.


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