6 Immersive Experiences for Mindful Maryland Meetings

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Maryland meetings

We recently filled you in on the game changing venue for Baltimore-Washington Metro meetings, but what you may not know, is that Maryland has a history of game changers as well.

We discuss some of these below, and include some of the quintessential, oh-so-Maryland experiences that you should be considering when planning Maryland meetings.

Walk In the Footsteps of a Freedom Fighter

Mindful meetings get a fresh take in Baltimore and Annapolis where groups can trace the footsteps of famed freedom fighter Frederick Douglas by visiting the places that shaped and celebrate him. The tour stops at historic sites, parks and museums, many of which host events.

Meet at the Shore

Maryland’s abundant waterways and the beauty and culture that surround them should definitely factor into your meeting—whether paddling or peddling the waves, or a waterfront dinner and movie experience or art stroll along the beach. South of Baltimore along the Potomac River, National Harbor offers all of this, including mishmash views of National Harbor, the Potomac and Washington, DC from 100 ft in the air on the Capital Wheel.

Book an Ecology-Themed Cruise

Elsewhere in Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (CBMM) offers ecology-based cruises on the 1920 buy-boat Winnie Estelle where attendees navigate the Bay watershed with maps of Chesapeake’s waterways and populations. CBMM also offers lectures and workshops on everything from maritime model boat building to current environmental impacts on local ecosystems, as well as event space for large or intimate events, spread across 18 acres.

Meet Among the Greats

The National Blacks In Wax Museum is one such stop where groups of up to 275 can meet among more than 100 life-size replicas of Africans and African Americans of historical significance. The figures are displayed in scenes and feature special lighting, sound effects and animation.

Jump In on a Festival

There are plenty to choose from. In September, for example, is the National Folk Festival, one of the largest and longest-running celebrations of arts, culture, and traditional arts celebrations in the country with music, dance, traditional crafts, regional food, storytelling, parades, and folk life demonstrations.

Allow Nature to Bring Your Team Together

And groups can top this off with any number of outdoor team building activities that embody the destination—whitewater rafting where Olympians train, hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail, or an CSR environmental clean-up that ends with watching the wild horses run on Assateague Island.

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