Integrative Lifestyle Physicals Help Attendees Get Well Soon

The Ranch 4.0
The Ranch 4.0

Professionals looking for a quick-fix lifestyle change will want to check out the new Integrative Lifestyle Physical offered through The Ranch in Malibu, Calif. This new program takes the fitness testing offered through The Ranch 4.0—launched at the nearby Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village last July—to a whole new level. Not only can attendees participate in the all-inclusive wellness program, but they can also opt to receive a comprehensive medical diagnostic checkup and fitness evaluations to help them customize a healthy lifestyle approach.

The program is a result of a partnership with Alexis Paraino, M.D.; Leon Henderson-MacLennan, M.D; and the California Health & Longevity Institute (CHLI). Attendees can take the physical separately or in conjunction with the typical Ranch 4.0, four-day stay (on the Wednesday before the Thursday-to-Sunday retreat). Each physical features a 90-minute consultation with one of the physicians and includes extensive patient history, a physical examination, comprehensive laboratory analysis and further medical diagnostics.

“Our clients are always searching for the latest tools to gain a deeper picture of their overall health. Guests who opt for The Ranch Integrative Lifestyle Physical are taking their annual doctor’s visit to a new level with a full day of testing and consultations from a team at CHLI with a breadth experience in preventative health care,” says Alex Glasscock, founder and CEO of The Ranch. “Paired with our 4.0 program, guests leave with a renewed body and mind along with a personally tailored health and fitness program to support a vibrantly active and healthy lifestyle.”

The full-day Integrative Lifestyle Physical helps attendees—often top-level execs who have strenuous work schedules—establish baseline metrics to customize a new lifestyle approach with better nutritional and fitness habits. After the medical evaluation, attendees will participate in other specialized therapies such as energy healing or a life-balance consultation before concluding the day with a deep-tissue massage. The physician will also check in with the attendee three months after the appointment to make sure they’re following their new lifestyle approach.