Restored Monastery Offers Progressive Wellness Agenda

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wellness agendaA cloister with a progressive wellness agenda in the heart of downtown Quebec City has recently become an interesting option for meetings.

The restored Monastere des Augustines offers 11 event rooms and a plethora of holistic health programs—from consultations to reflexology. The modern emphasis on mind, body and spirit wellness reflects nearly four centuries of healthcare work by the Augustinian Sisters, who notably helped pioneer one of the first hospitals in North America.

Groups will have plenty of opportunities to connect with this heritage—whether sessions on cultivating awareness, mandala creation or concerts featuring Tibetan singing bowls. A number of workshops also offer a rare glimpse into the daily lives of the sisters; instruction on apothecaries and calligraphy are two popular choices for groups. The sisters’ holistic approach to wellness also extends to an on-site restaurant where the concept of mindful eating is practiced.

Attendees with some downtime can peruse over 40,000 artifacts spread across the monastery and within an on-site museum from the Augustinian Sisters’ 12 hospitals. The permanent exhibit showcases the steady advance in medical technology, while also highlighting the sense of community involved in the daily work of the sisters.

As far as accommodations go, the “cells” of the sisters have been converted into 65 guest rooms, which range in style from authentic, a modern take on the room’s original integrity, to contemporary.

Classified as a world heritage site, the Monastere des Augustines is also connected to the historic Hotel-Dieu de Quebec, the founding monastery hospital (all 12 hospitals are still in operation), which is now a teaching hospital affiliated with Laval University’s medical school.

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